Production CoordinatorLondon

Jessie joined the SISTER team in 2023 to help manage all things production. Prior to making the move to scripted, she worked primarily as a commercial & branded content Production Manager for companies such as INTRO, Jamie Oliver, Flying Saucer NZ & Foxtel Australia. She has also had brief stints in AD’ing, sales, talent development, and international screen attractions. Originally from Sydney, Jessie has also lived in New Zealand and Texas but is now very happy to call London home.

What is your idea of perfect joy?

Sitting by a fire near the ocean, surrounded by family (ideally one of them playing guitar), and a glass of buttery, oaky chardonnay in hand.

What was your first job?

Delivering flyers for my local video store. Oh, how times have changed.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

A bowl of ‘butter pasta’ after a regular bowl of pasta. That counts as dessert, right?

What’s your go-to podcast?

Hamish & Andy. Classic Aussie humour.