Diversity & Inclusion

SISTER and all of its group companies embody the belief that diversity and inclusion are integral to creativity and innovation. We appreciate the impact that diverse visions and voices represent. We encourage, support and celebrate a team that is truly representative of all sections of society.

We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities and creating an environment where all applicants, employees, freelancers, agency staff and people working on and off the screen are treated fairly with dignity and respect. We empower our team to develop their full potential by giving their very best. We are dedicated to valuing the talents, ideas, experiences and resources of our team to maximize the creativity, innovation and success of our company.

We welcome and work with talented professionals by engaging in a framework free from bias, discrimination, retaliation, harassment and bullying for any reason including but not limited to: age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender reassignment, gender identity, gender expression, marital status (including civil partnerships), race, ethnic origin, color, nationality, national origin, religious belief or creed (including religious dress and grooming practices), ancestry, citizenship, medical condition (including cancer and genetic characteristics), genetic information, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or related medical conditions), veteran and/or military status, protected or family medical leaves, domestic violence victim status, political affiliation, and any other status protected by state or federal law.

As a result of our approach to diversity and inclusion we will:

  • Ensure our recruiting, hiring and employment practices and procedures are sound, fair and help us to identify the best talent.
  • Pursue more comprehensive work with under-represented groups and communities.
  • Leverage our influence to drive diversity and inclusion in the industry.
  • Explore opportunities to increase the diversity in casting decisions.
  • Ensure reasonable accommodations are made to enable individuals with disabilities more opportunities to work with our company.
  • Advocate increased diversity of our talent networks.
  • Embrace positive actions to increase our diversity where the law allows.
  • Foster stronger relationships with under-represented groups and communities.
  • Create an environment where individual differences and contributions of all our employees and freelancers are recognized and valued.
  • Ensure that appropriate training, development and progression opportunities are available.
  • Investigate and remediate any violation of the standards we have expressed here.

In furtherance of our rich diversity and inclusion pledge, we strive to promote: diversity in output, diversity of thought in all decision-making, and active involvement in events that inspire and encourage diversity.

Individuals have a right to engage, contribute and thrive in an atmosphere free from intimidation and prejudice and we are firmly committed to taking all responsible steps to cultivate such an environment.